IEEE Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems

19 - 22 January 2025
San Juan, Puerto Rico

IEEE Topical Meetings on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems have been at the forefront of moving Silicon technologies into microwave, millimeter-wave and THz applications – a development now widely accepted, and of great importance. RF CMOS and Si/SiGe BiCMOS technologies are well established in commercial and defense applications.

SiRF2025 will mark the 25th topical meeting on SiRF, with a renewed emphasis on promoting a dialogue between IC designers and researchers promoting non-standard technologies, exploiting the maturity of Silicon processes, but addressing the challenges of tomorrow. The three days of SiRF2025 will chronicle recent advances in our dynamic field, and provide the platform for developing new ideas, and candid exchange, facilitated by SiRF’s single-session format. As in past years, a line-up of reputed invited speakers will stimulate our discussions, with an emphasis on emerging technologies.

SiRF2025 solicits papers in the following focus areas:

1. RF, Millimeter-wave and THz Integrated Circuit Front ends

  • RF, mmW, THz Circuit Building Blocks, Sub-systems, and Integrated Transceivers
  • Integrated Circuits for Phased Array, MIMO and 5G/6G Systems
  • Ultra-Wideband Systems, Reconfigurable Front Ends, and Wideband or Multi-Band Circuits
  • Other Advanced Microwave Circuits and Novel Applications

2. Wireline Communication Circuits and Silicon- Photonics Integrated Circuits

  • Wideband Wireline Transmitters, Receivers, and Transceivers
  • Oscillators, PLLs, Synthesizers, and Signal Generators
  • Precise Timing and Data Recovery Circuits
  • High-Speed Electronic and Photonic Modulators and Drivers
  • Electronic-Photonic Systems and Electronic-Photonic Circuit Building Blocks

3. High Speed Data Converters & Mixed Signal Circuits

  • Nyquist Rate and Oversampling A/D and D/A Converters
  • Time-to-Digital and Analog to Information Converters
  • Analog Circuits and Building Blocks
  • Digitally Assisted Analog Circuits and Analog Calibration Techniques

4. Semiconductor Technologies, Advanced Packaging, and Heterogeneous

  • Advanced RF CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS Transistor Technology and Device Modeling
  • Heterogeneous Integration, System-on-Chip, and System-on-Package
  • Through-Silicon Vias, RF MEMs, and Micromachining
  • Circuit-Package Interaction/Co-simulation
  • On-chip/In-package Antennas and Metasurfaces
  • Robust Measurement and De-embedding

We will continue posting updates and information about the conference on this website. Make sure you visit this website frequently to keep track with the latest news about SiRF2025!

Call for Paper (SiRF2025) can be found here.

SiRF2025 Chair
Mehmet Kaynak, Texas Instruments