IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

17 - 20 January 2021
San Diego, California, USA

Call for Demo Proposals

The Radio Wireless Week 2021 (RWW2021) organizing committee is soliciting proposals for the Demo Track, which will be on Tuesday afternoon, during the conference. There will be several simultaneous demonstrations at different tables during this track.

The purpose of the Demo Track is to provide an interactive venue for you to demonstrate the results of your research in a different form than the usual paper or poster formats. The selected participants will do live demonstrations. This may include demonstrations of new experiments. We welcome innovations by research and engineering groups in academia, government institutions, and industry. The demonstrations can be from any of the technical areas defined in the RWW2021 call for papers. The demonstrations should include real operating hardware and/or software. Simulated graphs and slides are not acceptable. We are also calling for live demonstrations of experiments or research by high school students on any topic of electronics and electrical engineering.

Commercial product demonstrations will not be considered for the Demo Track. Those are deemed appropriate for exhibits.

Please submit a Proposal for the Demo Track in PDF format (no more than two pages)

Requirements for your Demo Track Proposal

Please make sure your demo proposal includes all the following information and adheres the below requirements:

  • Title and author
  • Affiliation, email address, and phone number
  • Abstract - in addition to a description, this must clearly explain why your demo is either new, or innovative, or unusual. Keep in mind that your proposal will be judged on how interesting this demo will be to the attendees.
  • If you work for a company or for a government agency, you will be required to certify compliance with applicable government agency clearance and applicable company clearance for disclosure of information.
  • You will be required to provide any needed test equipment or make arrangements for their loan or rental sufficiently in advance.
  • If your Demo is accepted, you will need to certify that you have registered for the RWW conference and certify that you will definitely be at the Demo Track location one hour in advance and have all of your equipment ready.
  • You understand that all costs of getting your equipment and materials to and from the conference are at your own expense and that you must make all the arrangements yourself. We will provide a table, power outlets, and a computer projector if you need one. We will not supply any computers.

The submission deadline of Demo Track proposals is November 15, 2020. The notification of acceptance will be given by December 15, 2020.

For questions about the Demo Track, and to SUBMIT your proposal, please write to

Demo Session Chair:

Mario Pauli <>

Demo Track in past RWW conferences