IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

17 - 22 January 2021
Virtual Conference
  • "Laying the Groundwork for 6G Communications", Dr. Peter Gammel, CTO, MWI Business Unit, GlobalFoundries
  • "Quantum Computing with Microwaves", Joseph Bardin, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Amherst
  • "Chip-Scale Wave-Matter Interactions at RF-to-Light Frequencies: Circuits, Systems and Applications", Ruonan Han, MIT, USA
  • "Fast Solvers for Electromagnetics-Based Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems", Dan Jiao, Purdue University, USA
  • "Silicon-based Millimeter-wave Phased Arrays for 5G: Fundamentals to Future Trends", Bodhisatwa Sadhu, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
  • "Towards Universally Programmable Chip-scale THz Source, Sensors and Systems: Bridging the THz and Application gap in the Next Decade", Kaushik Sengupta, Princeton University

Recognised experts and scientists from both academia and industry have been invited to join RWW and bring fresh ideas and new concepts to the workshop audience. As a result, the following five workshops, covering a wide spectrum of up-to-date RF topics, have been prepared:

  • 6G Research: Challenges and Opportunities, with contributions from University of California San Diego, Samsung, DARPA, University of California - Santa Barbara, IBM and NXP
  • 5G Power Amplifiers, with contributions from Skyworks and Globalfoundries
  • Reflection-less Filters, with contributions from the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory, University of Alcalá, University of Colorado-Boulder and Korea University
  • Technology for CubeSats and COTS for Space, with contributions from Center for Telematics, Germany
  • Modeling and Design Tools for Accelerated Design of 5G GaN PAs, with contributions from University of Illinois, University of Florida, Ohio State University and Air Force Research Laboratory. This is joint workshop between RWW and collocated conference ARFTG.

GaN Technology: Achievements, Challenges and What's Next

Digital Predistortion Boot Camp

Here are the pitch videos for short course and the student paper contest.

During the last decade the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen tremendous investments and accelerating adoption. The Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative has worked with each of the 20 sponsoring Societies and Councils to develop deep dive events that bring together industry, the public sector, and the research community, focused on a specific subject. This year the IEEE IoT Summit in conjunction with RWW2021 will be exploring "Wireless Sensing with Wireless Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Distinguished women in microwaves will give a review talk of the specific research topic they are working in and advancing. From today's view, the following distinguished women in microwaves will present their research:

With advancements in algorithms and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has found its way in abundance in practical applications. At RWW however, we will be focusing on how AI/ML techniques are becoming increasingly popular in RF/Microwave System Design and Signal Processing. Mark your program book, tell your friends, and join the RWW2021 Young Professionals session to learn about these exciting topics and opportunities that lie ahead. Young Professionals session is free for IEEE/MTT-S Members.