IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

19 - 22 January 2025
San Juan, Puerto Rico

RWW2024 Student Sponsorship Initiative

Thanks to the generous supports from both the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and the MTT-S Education Committee, we are excited to announce the Student Sponsorship Initiative for RWW2024, aiming to provide selected students with a partial travel subsidy of up to $1000 to attend the conference.

Eligibility Criteria For consideration, applicants must:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited higher education institution.

  2. Either be an author/co-author of an accepted RWW2024 paper (with the final version of the manuscript uploaded) OR be a first- or second-year PhD student attending RWW for the first time (without necessarily being an author/co-author of any accepted RWW2024 paper).

  3. Obtain a recommendation letter from their faculty advisor.

Preference during the selection process will be given to primary authors (in case of applying as an author/co-author of an accepted RWW2024 paper), under-represented groups (including women, minorities, those with disabilities, or students from regions with limited travel funding), highly motivated first- or second-year PhD students studying in the area of radio wireless without any accepted RWW 2024 paper, and those who have finalized their RWW registration by the application deadline, October 31, 2023.

Application Materials To apply, please provide:

  1. A student statement letter (details below).

  2. Your recent Curriculum Vitae.

  3. A letter of recommendation from your advisor.

  4. An estimate of travel costs for attending RWW2024, including airfare, hotel, and registration. Note that this sponsorship may not fully cover all these costs.

Student Statement Letter Ensure your letter is no more than one page, and includes:

  1. Contact details at the top: student name, institution, degree program, research advisor, and email addresses for both student and advisor.

  2. If the applicant is applying as an author/co-author of an accepted RWW2024 paper, provide RWW2024 paper details including paper number, title, co-authors.

  3. A brief explanation of the benefits you anticipate from participating in RWW2024. If the applicant does not have an accepted RWW 2024 paper, focus on the applicant’s technical area of interest and plan to submit to future RWW conferences.

Faculty Advisor Letter This letter should confirm:

  1. The student’s full-time status and good academic standing.

  2. An evaluation of the student’s potential and the perceived benefits of their participation in RWW2024.

  3. A commitment to cover any travel expenses exceeding the sponsorship amount.

Application Procedure Please use the following online form for the submission of your application: Application Form Link

Once you submit the form, your supervisor will receive an email to provide a recommendation letter. The recommendation letter must also be received by October 31, 2023.

Reimbursement Process All sponsored students, regardless of paper publication status, will follow this reimbursement process. After attending, award recipients should submit COPIES of expense receipts as per award letter instructions. Reimbursements will only cover actual expenses, up to the award amount.

Material for Reimbursement Submission:

  1. Provide original travel receipts for partial reimbursement. For students sponsored by NSF travel grant (which will be noted in the award letter), airfare must be booked with a US-based carrier.

  2. Submit a 100-word statement detailing your RWW2024 experience.