IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

21 - 24 January 2024
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Exploring the Potential of 6G: Building upon 5G’s Learnings

PAWR & ARFTG Panel Session

Date & Time: Tuesday, 22 January 2024, 18:30 – 19:30

Organiser: Vittorio Camarchia (Politechnico di Torino)


Get ready for a vivid discussion on the future of wireless technology. Our panel of industry experts will delve into the possibilities of 6G, leveraging the lessons learned from the era of 5G. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to gain valuable insights into the next generation of wireless communication.

Meet our expert panelists featuring experts from HRL, Fraunhofer, Virginia diodes, Keysight, and NI.


Jeong Moon, HRL

Gerhard Schoenthal, Virginia Diodes

Nuno Borges Carvalho, IT Aveiro

Mark Pierpoint, Keysight Technology

Fabian Thome, Fraunhofer Research Institute

Markus Dasilva, National Instruments

Alessandro Fonte, Siae Microelectronics