IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

22 - 25 January 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Beamforming Solutions for Terrestrial and Space Applications

Date & Time: Tuesday, 24 January 2023, 18:30 – 19:30

Organisers: Václav Valenta (ESA)


More than 110 year ago, the very first phased array with beam-steering capability was introduced by K. F. Braun during his Nobel prize lecture. This concept has given basis to many communication and radar system. Although we’ve gained vast, over a century long experience in developments of phased-arrays, large-volume and economically viable commercial solutions started to emerge only during the last decade. The latter has been enabled through maturing and affordability of silicon technologies, advances in packaging, making commercial phased arrays available to anyone.

Today, multibeam active antennas play the key role in many modern terrestrial and SATCOM systems, allowing for high throughput, flexibility and connectivity worldwide.

Recognised experts and scientists from both academia and industry worldwide have been invited to join this panel. Capabilities of today’s beamforming solutions will be discussed together with challenges and trends in beamforming for 5G, terrestrial and spaceborne SATCOM.


Tumay Kanar, Senior manager for mm-wave IC design and product marketing at Renesas

Ryan Jennings, Vice president of SATCOM and system engineer at Anokiwave

John Cowles, Senior Director of Technology at Aerospace and Defense Business Unit at Analog Devices

Representative from Celestia UK