IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

17 - 20 January 2021
San Diego, California, USA

Recognised experts and scientists from both academia and industry have been invited to join RWW and bring fresh ideas and new concepts to the workshop audience. As a result, the following five workshops, covering a wide spectrum of up-to-date RF topics, have been prepared:

  • 6G Research: Challenges and Opportunities, with contributions from University of California San Diego, Samsung, DARPA, University of California - Santa Barbara, IBM and NXP
  • 5G Power Amplifiers, with contributions from Skyworks and Globalfoundries
  • Reflection-less Filters, with contributions from the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory, University of Alcalá, University of Colorado-Boulder and Korea University
  • Technology for CubeSats and COTS for Space, with contributions from Center for Telematics, Germany
  • Modeling and Design Tools for Accelerated Design of 5G GaN PAs, with contributions from University of Illinois, University of Florida, Ohio State University and Air Force Research Laboratory. This is joint workshop between RWW and collocated conference ARFTG.